My video will not synchronize but it was recorded during a activity

STREIV uses the metadata from the video to syncronize to the Strava activity. Use the original video and do not cut it short. Sending videos with Airdrop and through WeTransfer will not result in the video losing the metadata. Sending through Whatsapp and other apps that compress the file will result in the video losing the metadata.

The data is not right

Streiv uses the data directly from the Strava API. The syncing of the video and activity is done within a second. If the data is not accurate on Strava it will also not be accurate on Streiv. If you have shortened the video this can result in a misalignment due the startdate not being the start of the video anymore.

Another possibility is issues with Garmin devices using smart recording. In this mode Garmin devices will not update every second. Turn this off to get accurate data:

For what dates does Streiv work?

Streiv pulls your last 200 activites from Strava. It will work for that entire period until now.

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You can send videos between Iphones with AirDrop. Make sure you click options > enable All Photos Data (green is on)