Streiv vs Garmin Virb

Streiv vs Garmin Virb – What program is best to overlay Strava activites on videos?

Garmin VIRB Edit is a video editing software developed by Garmin. The software is designed to be used with Garmin VIRB action cameras, which are popular among athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers who want to capture their experiences in high-quality video.

You can download your GPX file from a ride and make custom dial in the desktop app to overlay your metrics like speed, power, heartrate and cadence. Then you need to manually syncronize your video to the GPX file.

With Streiv you can take a video with your Iphone while recording a Strava activity. After the activity you can connect Strava easily and choose your video. The video and Strava activity will automatically be synced and you can choose what metrics you want on the videos. You can choose from all data types that are available within Strava. Download Streiv below. So when it comes to Streiv vs Garmin Virb. Streiv is better for short videos and convenient use. See so examples here

Streiv vs Garmin Virb

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